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Jenna Sorjonen is our coordinator for recruiting new student representatives


HYY has chosen BA Jenna Sorjonen as coordinator for the recruiting of student representatives in autumn 2017. Jenna has worked in the university administration and has held various positions of responsibility both at the university and in the Student Union. Jenna has also been a student representative herself and a member of the Representative Council of the Student Union since 2014.

The coordinator will prepare and see to the recruitment process of the student representatives in the university administration during the coming autumn. Representatives will be recruited for faculty councils, the university collegium and the board of the university. Jenna’s tasks will include overall admin for the recruitment committees, seeing to all administrative aspects of the application process, and working as the secretary of the committees.

“Influencing at the university has been long-standing passion of mine and it’s great to get the chance to oversee the recruitment of new active representatives. This is the first time the election of representatives will be done through a straightforward recruitment process instead of elections, and making this process as seamless and efficient as possible tickles the fancy of this student activist veteran. We need motivated students as decision makers at the university!”

Jenna will begin at the job 14 August.