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Jenna Sorjonen appointed as HYY’s specialist in educational policy


HYY’s Board has selected Jenna Sorjonen as one of its two specialists in educational policy.

Sorjonen took up her duties after working as HYY’s selection coordinator, having overseen the selection process for student representatives in administration. She started as the specialist in educational policy in early November after Aaro Riitakorpi had moved into the position of HYY’s Secretary General.

Before HYY, Sorjonen has worked as a research assistant at the University of Helsinki and held several administrative positions. She also has a strong background in positions of trust related to student advocacy work. She has acted in several different roles as a student representative and in HYY’s Representative Council since 2014.

As a specialist in educational policy, Sorjonen’s duties will still include overseeing the selection of student representatives in administration, training the representatives and supporting them in their influencing work. In addition to this, Sorjonen will be in charge of issues related to students’ legal protection. Besides these areas of responsibility, Sorjonen will also be responsible for students’ advocacy work related to educational policy and related communications together with the rest of the educational policy sector.

‘Enabling the selections of student representatives has been motivating, and I am looking forward to working with the new representatives. Defending student perspectives at the University and in society has been near to my heart for a long time. Advocacy and developing education are themes that are important to me, and as a specialist, I want to make sure that HYY’s Board, student representatives and volunteers receive all the support they need for their important influencing work’, Sorjonen states.

Sorjonen, 26, is a Bachelor of Arts and is currently completing the final stages of her Master’s studies with general linguistics as her major.