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Innovative learning method grants were allocated!


This year, HYY allocated grants for 15 new study projects organised by students, a total of EUR 4,839. The innovative learning method grants were allocated for projects which developed teaching methods, applied theory to practice or contributed to students' professional skills. Particular attention was paid to the initiative of project organisers and learning methods that encourage students to be active.

This year, the grant was allocated for the layout training of social scientists, international seminar organised by environmental scientists in Helsinki and children's philosophy workshop organised by philosophy students. In addition, the grant was allocated for several study circles and the project of astronomers to renovate the telescope of Metsähovi observatory, which students can use in order to practise scientific observations and apply learned theory into practice. 

The grant was allocated for the following projects (the applicant mentioned in case of organisations):

Project   Applicant                    Allocated amount (€)
Epiklubi     500
Erkka Eksperiense  Erikeepperi ry 300
EuroEnviro 2014  MYY ry  300
FemF     350
Feministisen tiedon opintopiiri   100
Kannunvalajien visuaalinen taittokurssi Kannunvalajat ry 500
Laboratory of performance exploring
and musical creativity in SITU Synkooppi ry  336
Lasten filosofiapaja  Dilemma ry  400
LUST 2014     500
Metsähovin tähtitieteellinen
havaintoryhmä  Meridiaani ry 503
Näkökulmia estetiikkaan-seminaari Aistimus ry  100
Opi tunnistamaan sopimaton satula Eqvet-hevoskerho 150
Oppimo      150
Saippuapaja     100
Taidenäyttelyopintopiiri  Humanisticum ry 400

    IN TOTAL: 4839