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Innovative learning method grants allocated!


This year, HYY has allocated grants to 10 new study projects by students, a total of EUR 5,000. The innovative learning method grants were allocated to projects which developed teaching methods, applied theory to practice or contributed to students' professional skills. Particular attention was paid to the initiative of project organisers and learning methods that encourage students to be active.

This year, the grant was allocated to support sign language training organised in cooperation by the organisations of class teacher students and students of general and adult education, layout training of students of social sciences and a summer project organised by physicists, where students can apply theory to practice by building interesting physics applications. In addition, the grant was allocated to a study circle and a discussion group.

The following projects received grants:

PLANCKS2015 physicsc tournament, Resonanssi, 400 €    
Evolutionary biology discussion groups  to support basic studies, Aura Raulo, 600 €
InnoFuksi, Vasara, 200 €
Course on sexuality, Kompleksi, 800 €
DIY summer projects, Resonanssi, 500 €
EGEA North & Baltic Regional Congress, EGEA Helsinki, 500 €
Support sign language training and vocal training, Peduca, 200 €
Visual magazine planning, Kannunvalajat, 500 €
Art exhibition study circle, Humanisticum, 500 €
Aalto-Helsinki iGEM, Aalto-Helsinki iGEM Team, 800 €