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Influence the activities of HYY and enjoy good company in the committees in 2012!


What are the defects in the organisational services? For whose interests should HYY knock the doors of the parliament house?

Ten independent committees of different fields operated within HYY in 2011. The committees, which are open for everyone, are a good way to influence in the Student Union or to organise activities for all members. In the committees, you can also meet HYY members who share your interests across the faculty borders!

It is advisable to sign up to a committee with an electronic sign-up form by 20.1.2011. However, you can join the activities of the committees at any time of the year!

More information on the committees of 2011 and their first meetings are available on the Committees-site

Information on the founding meetings of the committees will be published on the websites of the committees at the beginning of the year!