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Independent groups retained their clear majority in HYY’s Representative Council Elections


The independent groups still have a clear majority in the Representative Council. In the Election held Nov 4-5 the Greens became the biggest political group in the Representative Council with 8 seats.

Subject organisations' HYAL maintained its strong position with 20, although it lost two seats. HELP (the groups of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and law students) maintained their seats with 9 and the Swedish-speaking students' SNÄf received one seat more and have now 3. International students' Tsemppi received two seats and will now return to the Representative Council. 

Social Democratic students increased their number of candidates for these elections significantly, and got two seats. The Independent Left, formerly the biggest political group in the Representative Council, lost two seats and now have five. Kokoomusopiskelijat lost one seat and now have 2, Keskeiset maintained their only seat.
8 594 students out of the 27.000 students of the University of Helsinki voted in the elections. The turnout percentage was 31.7. In the last Election last year 32.3 per cents of the students voted.

HYY’s Representative Council Elections were organised on 4-5 November as traditional ballot box elections on the four campuses of the University of Helsinki and additionally in the offices of the University of Helsinki in Lahti and Vaasa. Altogether 626 students ran as candidates. The Representative Council of 60 members is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union.

The preparatory election results are available on:

The preparatory distribution of seats (change to the elections of 2014):
HYAL: 20 (-2)
Tsemppi 2 (+2)
HELP: 9 (-)
Osakuntien suuri vaalirengas: 8 (-1)
Independent Left: 5 (-2)
The Greens: 8 (+2)
Kokoomusopiskelijat: 2 (-1)
Keskeiset: 1 (-)
Socialdemocratic students: 2 (+1)
Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar  SNÄf: 3 (+1)
Maltilliset: 0
Liberaalinen vaaliliitto: 0
Piraatit: 0
Perussuomalainen vaaliliitto: 0

The Central Board of Elections will confirm the official election results after the vote count audit on November 13.

Further information:
Secretary General Katri Korolainen, tel. 0400 816 426, paasihteeri(at)