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#HYYtymättömät – Blood donation challenge to the student organisations of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki


#HYYtymättömät – Blood donation challenge to the student organisations of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki

We are offering our hand to help this autumn, too – the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) and Stydi, the organisation for social work students, challenge all organisations operating within HYY to take part in this life-saving campaign.

The campaign, launched two years ago, continues with even greater excitement than before as it is now a part of the University of Helsinki’s campaign called ‘Hyviä tekoja – luovuta verta, tue tiedettä’ (‘Good deeds – donate blood, support science’) that will last for the entire academic year. The campaign aims to create a positive atmosphere of doing good deeds and to encourage students and personnel to donate blood and, at the same time, support science. 

Every working day, around 800 volunteer blood donors are needed so that around 50,000 seriously ill patients (such as premature babies, cancer patients and accident victims) get the treatment they need annually. The patient could be you – donated blood cannot be replaced with medication. Many hands help more than one so let’s get the blood circulating together. It does not cost anything!

The blood donation campaign kicks off on 2 October 2017, and the organisations that donate the most blood both quantitatively and in proportion to their number of members during the campaign period of 2 October–30 November 2017 will win one sauna evening at HYY’s premises.

How to participate in the campaign:

1. Update the contact information of your organisation’s BloodGroup by sending the name, phone number and email address of your contact person for this year to If you know the name of your previous contact person, mention that in your message.
OR Register a BloodGroup for your organisation at Name your BloodGroup as ‘HYY + your organisation’s name’ – for instance, HYY-Stydi.
2. Let HYY know that you are participating in the campaign by filling in the following form:
3. Go and donate blood either as a group or one by one in one of the Blood Service Centres in the Capital Region or in a blood collection event. To help us keep scores, please remember to mention your organisation’s name to the staff when you sign up at your donation location.
If you want to donate blood as a group, please reserve a time for donation in advance by calling the Blood Service Centre. The contact information can be found at and in the Facebook event. This way, Blood Service will be able to prepare for potential rushes. A suitable group size is around 4–6 persons, and you should reserve around an hour for the donation.
4. It is recommended that you test your suitability as a donor in advance You can also call the free info phone for blood donors in case you have a question. The number is 0800 0 5801.
5. Communicate about the campaign and about potential group donation days on your own channels. If you so wish, you can also use the material bank available at Blood Service’s website at
6. Use the hashtags #HYYtymättömät2017, #HYYtymättömät, #HYviätekoja, #isokäsielämälle and #VeriRyhmä in social media so that the blood donation challenge gets spread and more patients get help. We communicate about the campaign on Facebook at and Follow us!

Contact information

Blood donation campaign’s contact person at HYY, board member Matias Nurmi,
Helsinki, Sanomatalo Blood Service Centre, Töölönlahdenkatu 2, 2nd floor, open Mon, Wed and Fri 11 am–7 pm, Tue and Thu 8 am–7 pm, group reservations: 029 300 1030
Helsinki, Kivihaka Blood Service Centre, Kivihaantie 7, open Mon–Thu 11 am–6 pm, Fri 9 am–4 pm, group reservations: 029 300 1020
Espoo Blood Service Centre, shopping centre Iso Omena, Piispansilta 9, open Mon and Wed noon–7 pm, Tue, Thu and Fri 11 am–6 pm, group reservations: 029 300 1040
Other donation locations in the Capital Region:
Free information for donors, tel. 0800 0 5801