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HYY's wiki for student representatives has been published


The Halloped Wiki, i.e. HYY's guide for student representatives in university administration has been published at The Halloped Wiki, which was in progress for a long period of time, was mainly edited during the summer of 2014 and published in HYY's training session on 15 October. The purpose of the Halloped Wiki, which is executed as an open online guide, is to support the work of student representatives in university administration and open up the university administration for students who are interested in having influence.

At the time of publication, the Halloped Wiki has approximately 40 articles, the topics range from means of influence to the structures of university administration. The wiki does not try to be an extensive data bank on the entire university, but the purpose is to open up the most difficult and essential administrative twists and guide you to find more information. The Halloped Wiki is published only in Finnish for now.

”The internet has plenty of information related to university administration, but students who participate in administration in their spare time often find it difficult to find the relevant information. We wanted to compile all the essential information for hallopeds to one address”, says HYY's Project Coordinator Akseli Huhtanen. Huhtanen was responsible for the editing of the wiki together with HYY Board Member Johanna Riitakorpi.

The opening of the Halloped Wiki is related to the Student Union's goal to support student representatives in administration better. In addition to the wiki, hallopeds are offered training sessions and meetings. Each faculty also has a student representative in charge, through whom HYY keeps in touch with the student representatives of the faculty. According to Johanna Riitakorpi, ”the student advocacy of voluntary student representatives in faculties and departments is an invaluable asset and therefore HYY wants to pay more attention to them”.

The Halloped Wiki is a natural addition to guide material aimed at HYY's volunteers. HYY has already previously produced the Organisation Wiki aimed at the organisation members.

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