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HYY's Board was organised and decided on the sphere of responsibilities


The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki was organised and it decided on the  distribution of work and the sphere of responsibilities of the board members. HYY's Board has decided on the following distribution of the monitoring responsibilities:  
Lauri Koskentausta: Chair of the Board
Elina Mattero: Vice Chair of the Board; Communications, Strategy, Coordination of Advocacy
Elin Andersson: International affairs, Bi and trilingualism           
Verna Castren: Urban affairs, Libraries, HYY Group affairs   
Lauramaija ”Lauris” Hurme: Organisations, Kindered nations   
Nelli Nurminen: Health, Sport, Communications       
Tiina Parkkinen: Subsistence, Equality, Students with a family       
Anna-Maija ”Annis” Riekkinen: Chair of the Financial Committee, Urban affairs   
Marko Rosenholm: Working Life Affairs, Housing
Pirre Seppänen: Study Affairs, Tutoring
Elisa Tuomi: University Administration, Student representatives in administration, Legal Protection
Elina Tyynelä: Culture, Environment, Development cooperation

Contact information:
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More information: Chair of the Board Lauri Koskentausta, 050 543 9610