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HYY's Board was organised and decided on the sphere of responsibilities


The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki was organised and it decided on the  distribution of work and the sphere of responsibilities of the board members. HYY's Board has decided on the following distribution of the monitoring responsibilities:   

Jannica Aalto: Chair of the Board
Heikki Luoto: Vice Chair of the Board, HYY Group affairs, Strategy, Sport
Hanna Hannus: Influencing the Municipal Elections, Urban affairs, Environment, Kindered nations
Iiro Hämäläinen: University, Student representatives in administration
Aino Jones: Housing, International affairs, Bi and trilingualism
Lauri Koskentausta: Chair of the Financial Committee, Legal Protection
Matti Lehto: Reaching the members, Culture, World Student Capital
Suvi Pulkkinen: Facilitating the studies, Well-being, Gender equality and equality
Sanna Supponen: Organisations, Tutoring, Doctoral studens, Alumni
Niilo Toivonen: Communications, Development cooperation
Heidi Vesterinen: Health, subsistence, working life affairs, students with a family

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