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HYY's Board was organised and decided on the sphere of responsibilities


Press release, 18 January 2011

The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki was organised and it decided on the  distribution of work and the sphere of responsibilities of the board members. The distribution of responsibilities aims to take into consideration the definition of policy of the highest decision-making organ of the Student Union, the Representative Council, according to which the work of the Board should emphasise collective responsibility rather than a strict division into sectors. The projects in which the Board would particularly like to invest were the starting point for the distribution of responsibilities, instead of having duties distributed beforehand and the goals considered after that.  

The operational culture of the Board will be developed into a more project-based direction by forming several spheres of responsibilities around the projects and by increasing the time reserved for brainstorming and planning together. By developing this new operational culture, we want to encourage both the board and the student union personnel to participate and provide their professional contribution across the traditional sector divisions.

However, we considered it sensible to distribute certain monitoring responsibilities to the board members in order not to have any blind spots when following affairs which are important to students. In this project-based organisation, a clear liability distribution is particularly important and it also contributes to the cooperation with the National Union of University Students in Finland SYL and the other student unions.

HYY's Board has decided on the following distribution of the monitoring responsibilities:   

Leena Pihlajamäki: Chairperson of the Board   

Anni Hirsaho: Vice Chairperson of the Board, the development of organisation, strategy, kindred nations

Jannica Aalto: Organisations, internal communications, tutoring, anniversaries

Tapio Heiskari: Interest representation (University of Helsinki, student representatives in administration), alumna

Aaro Häkkinen: Interest representation (in charge of organising), subsistence, working life affairs, legal protection     

Marika Ikkala: Interest representation (international affairs, bi and trilingualism, students with a family)

Risto Karinkanta: reaching the members, HYY's events, the elections of the Representative Council and the student representatives in administration

Otto Kronqvist: Interest representation (influencing the parliamentary elections, the communications of interest representation), website renewal, updating the communications strategy, development cooperation

Marina Lampinen: Chairperson of the Financial Committee

Silva Loikkanen: Interest representation (urban affairs, housing, cultural interest representation, gender equality and equality), updating the urban programme, HYY Group affairs

Saara Nykänen: Interest representation (urban affairs, World Student Capital, health and well-being, KYKY project, sports, environment)

Jan Rosenström: Interest representation (influencing the parliamentary elections, free education, the promotion of  study progress, doctoral students)

Further information:
Chairperson of the HYY Board Leena Pihlajamäki,
tel. 050 543 9610, leena.pihlajamaki(at)