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HYY's allocation of organisational premises 2013


HYY to implement the allocation of organisational premises in 2013. In the allocation of premises 2013, the premises are allocated three years ahead for the years 2014-2016. The allocation of premises is made by the Financial Committee of HYY Board and the decision is approved by HYY Board.

All organisations operating within HYY may apply for organisational premises. An organisation must be accepted to operate within HYY and fill out contact details to Tahlo system for the year 2013. Applying for facilitates requires responding to the premises user survey in connection with the application. The application form and the survey form are available online, the links will be submitted to organisations before the application period begins. The application period begins on 8 Apr and ends at 12noon on 30 Apr. Please note that also those organisations which have used HYY's organisational premises to this date must fill out the form for the allocation of premises! Late applications will not be processed.
The following issues are taken into account when allocating the organisational premises:

  • The organisation's need for operational facilities and its opportunity to use suitable premises  elsewhere
  • Nature and number of the organisation's activities  
  • The organisation's activities in its current facilities and the maintenance and care of the premises (if the organisation has previously used HYY's facilities)
  • If several organisations are located in the same facilities or space, conditions for operating together in common areas must be taken into account  
  • Continuity of the organisation's operations and its development
  • Particular attention is paid to responsibility, diversity and openness of the organisation's operations

Premises allocation schedule in a nutshell:

2 April at 17-19pm: premises allocation info for organisations at Mannerheim-sali (Mannerheimintie 5A, 5th floor).
From 8 Apr onwards, applications for premises can be submitted to HYY either electronically or on paper.
30 Apr, 12noon, deadline for premises applications .
June 2013: Financial Committee of HYY Board makes an interim decision on the allocation of premises.
Summer 2013, organisations have time to comment on the interim decision until 31 August.
September-October 2013, Financial Committee of HYY Board and HYY Board will decide on the allocation of premises.
1 Jan 2014 the new allocation of premises will enter into force.

More info:
Chair of the Financial Committee Anna-Maija Riekkinen,, 050 595 0324
Specialist (organisations) Akseli Huhtanen,, 050 537 3798