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HYY's 2014 development cooperation project funds to Cambodia and Tanzania


HYY has decided on the recipients for the project funds of 2014. This year, HYY supports two projects focused on education. The project beneficiaries are Cambodian Volunteers for Society (CVS) and Mtukwao Community Media.

CVS organizes courses in IT-skills and English language for poor youth. The aim of their project is to support young people and enhance their possibilities of getting employment. The courses will be organized in the newly opened Kouk Khleang youth center and altogether 40 youths will take part in the trainings.

In Mtukwao Community Media’s project teaching videos are produced to be used in Naliendele primary school in South-eastern Tanzania. The aim of the teaching videos is to improve the quality of teaching and the learning results of the students in the school. The videos will also develop and support the teachers’ professional skills. The teaching video will benefit the 435 students of the school and 18 teachers.

HYY annually spends 0.7 per cent of the operating funds budget for development cooperation. Some of the funds are used to cover the self-financing of HYY's Indonesia project and the rest are allocated as project funds for projects with a maximum duration of one year. Application rounds are arranged once a year.

In the application round of 2014, the project funds were allocated for projects related to education, especially child and youth education. 17 applications were received. The project funds group of the Development Cooperation Committee read through all the applications in their meetings in April. The final decision on supported projects was made in the beginning of May

For further information on the project funds and the project fund beneficiaries, please contact Project Fund Coordinator Iris Lawson at hyy.projectfunds(at)