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HYY supports the petition of the staff: Security company G4S out of the university


The University of Helsinki will choose a new supplier of security services. Currently, the services are provided by a multinational security company G4S, which is responsible for serious human rights violations in the West Bank under Israeli military occupation.

In late 2013, HYY's Representative Council decided to clarify and discontinue all economic ties with the illegal settlements in the West Bank. In May 2014, the university staff published a petition requesting the university administration to terminate cooperation with G4S. The petition was signed by the Helsinki University Researchers' and Teachers' Association, among others.  


G4S supplies equipment and services, among other things, to:


1) Israel's prison system in the occupied West Bank, including the use of torture and long-term detention without trial as well as prisoning of minors and children1


2) Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. The settlements are illegal under the international law. 2


In Europe, the University of Oslo, the University of Bergen, King's College London and the University of Southampton have not made agreements with G4S. The latest international news tell that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (40.2 billion dollar portfolio) and the US United Methodist Church (over 20 billion dollar portfolio) have decided to withdraw all investments from G4S.


In accordance with the strategy of the University of Helsinki, the university operates actively for the well-being of humanity and a just society, and bears its responsibility as a social force.


The deadline for the registration of available security service providers for the selection procedure was 12 Jan. Now that the selection process of a


new security company is ongoing, HYY joins the request of the staff: We kindly ask that the University of Helsinki does not sign a new contract with G4S to replace the contract, which was terminated in October, and discontinues the purchase of any services from G4S.