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HYY in search of student representatives for the Financial Aid Committee


There is a student financial aid committee operating at the University of Helsinki. The purpose of the committee is to follow the study progress and provide statements on the study progress either at its own initiative or by the request of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland Kela or a student. The student financial aid committee processes applications related to the allocation of student financial aid or the extension of the maximum duration of studies, among other things. The committee meets approximately once a month.

The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki appoints three student members and their vice members to the Financial Aid Committee for the period 1 May 2014–31 July 2016. The working language of the Committee is Finnish.

Applications should be made on by 12 am on Tuesday 22nd of April. For further information, please contact HYY's Secretary for Social Affairs Katja Långvik:, tel. 050 543 9608.