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HYY nominates Tarik Ahsanullah for SYL’s Chair and Henna Pursiainen for member of SYL’s Board for 2017


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) nominates law student Tarik Ahsanullah for the Chair of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and student of social policy Henna Pursiainen for member of SYL’s Board for 2017.

In HYY’s Board, Ahsanullah has been in charge of educational policy and HYY Group’s corporate governance. Ahsanullah, 24 years, studies law for the fourth year and has held positions such as Chair of HYY Group’s Supervisory Board, treasurer of his faculty organisation Pykälä ry and member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Law.

‘The student movement has been criticised as a non-movement that finds problems but not solutions. This mental image must be changed! As future experts, we must be able to offer realistic, concrete and responsible solutions for how Finland remains as one of the world’s best countries to live and learn in, even after another hundred years’, Ahsanullah declares.

Pursiainen studies social policy and has long experience of working in student organisations. In HYY’s Board, Pursiainen, 24 years, has been in charge of urban affairs. During the spring, she managed to raise the annual construction goal for student apartments in Helsinki by a hundred apartments in cooperation with the Capital Region’s student unions’ World Student Capital network.

‘I’m not content with throwing a child into the water and watching whether it learns to swim. We must already have a plan of action for when the child learns to swim and needs a bigger pool. I want the student movement to think big but be consistent. We cannot afford to remain worrying at the poolside’, Pursiainen demands.

‘The student movement needs a leader with a new kind of drive, fresh ideas and the skills to inspire both Lapinrinne and the entire field to give all they have. I know Tarik is the best chair for our union. Henna has proven to be a persevering and open-minded person who takes charge of matters, successfully follows through on projects and has cooperation skills that I greatly value. All of us students will be able to sleep our nights in peace next year with Tarik and Henna taking care of our future’, Chair of the Board Jokimies praises.

SYL chooses its Board for 2017 in its Congress, held on 18–19 November 2016 at Korpilampi, Espoo. SYL looks after students’ interests on the national level, commenting on questions of educational policy, social policy and international affairs.

Further information:

Tarik Ahsanullah
tel. 050 595 0327

Henna Pursiainen
tel. 050 595 0318

Susanna Jokimies
tel. 050 543 9610