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HYY nominates Joel Lindqvist and Ada Saarinen for SYL’s Board 2018


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) nominates social sciences students Joel Lindqvist and Ada Saarinen for members of the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for the year 2018.

In HYY’s Board, Lindqvist has been in charge of city policy and housing. Saarinen, 24, is Vice Chair of the Board and responsible for coordinating advocacy work and communication and students’ subsistence. 

Lindqvist, 23, and a social policy student, has run the municipal election campaign of HYY and the World Student Capital network in Helsinki. The campaign promoted students and young people running for their city councils. For SYL’s Board, Lindqvist brings, first and foremost, his experience from the campaign.

“Now it’s in black and white: Nordea Bank’s economist Olli Kärkkäinen has recently calculated that students are the only group in Finnish society whose income has declined systematically since 2011. In times like these, the student movement needs to be more alert than ever. Next year, we have to put all our effort in making students’ voice heard in the politics and decision-making in this country”, states Lindqvist.

Saarinen, 24, studies political science and already has a long background in the student movement. This year, she has managed the revision of HYY’s policy paper and the campaign for dismantling the household-based nature of general housing allowance. In SYL’s Board, Saarinen would continue her ongoing fight as an advocate for students’ rights.

“The parliamentary elections in 2019 is a chance for the student movement to show its force. We have to make ineluctable policy issues out of students’ socioeconomic status, the importance of education, and the challenges facing our generation”, demands Saarinen.

“Joel’s work with our municipal election campaign has been stellar. Many of our goals ended up in the official strategy of the city of Helsinki. Joel has great a tactical knack for advocacy work and he’s an seasoned lobbyist and a convivial colleague. Ada made our housing allowance campaign happen, and it was widely embraced in mainstream news media. Ada gets things done with great creativity and has a genuine fire in her for working for students’ interests”, praises HYY Chair of the Board Laura Luoto.

SYL elects its Board for 2018 in its Congress 17–18 November 2017 in Tampere. SYL looks after students’ interests on the national level, commenting on questions of educational policy, social policy and international affairs.

Further information:

Joel Lindqvist

+35 840 570 3980

Ada Saarinen

+35 850 595 0328

Laura Luoto, HYY Chair of the Board

+35 850 543 9610