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HYY: Music corporations’ return to the Old Student House remains open for negotiation



The Student Union of the University of Helsinki HYY will continue the ongoing negotiations of relocating the practice facilities of four of its music corporations away from the Music Hall of the Old Student House “Vanha”. The Administrative Court of Helsinki ruled 28 January 2015 that HYY’s representative council had breached its own regulations in August 2013 when it affirmed a decision made by HYY’s Board about the future use of the Old Student House. Another case regarding the owner’s rights to manage the house is still pending processing in the District Court of Helsinki. As of January 2014, Royal Ravintolat restaurants have run the Old Student House’s business as HYY’s tenant.


HYY is now assessing the consequences of the Administrative Court’s ruling and is still negotiating with the music corporations that have been moved away from the Music Hall of the Old Student House.


– During this whole process, since it started in the spring of 2013, we have had open interaction with the music corporations, and we intend to carry on discussing the terms of use of the MusicHall with them, says HYY Chair of the Board Mari Kyllönen.


The court’s ruling does not affect HYY’s quorum on its properties


The Administrative Court’s ruling concerns only a single clause in HYY’s own administrative regulations. The clause states that ”(…) the Student Union shall pay special attention to preserve traditions of the Old Student House and to secure the activities of the Student Union and various student organisations which take place there”. The court has now found that in making the decision, against which the music corporations filed their complaint, HYY’s representative council has failed to adequately heed the clause.


– The ruling has no bearing, however, on the music corporations’ claim that they would, by tradition, have steadfast rights to use the Music Hall, which HYY owns. Furthermore, the ruling has no effect whatsoever on the lease contract between HYY and Royal Ravintolat, asserts Kyllönen.


Kyllönen goes on to stress that the court’s ruling concerns only the case whether HYY’s representative council has followed its own, self-assigned administrative regulations or not.


District Court of Helsinki has yet to rule on a case HYY has filed about the user rights of the Old Student House. The case has been waiting to be processed since the fall of 2013. In the meantime, Mari Kyllönen wishes to continue negotiating with the music corporations unaffected.


– The Old Student House was leased to Royal Ravintolat in order to turn around a business that had not turned a profit in a long time. This was crucial for us because our priority is to secure funding both for the promotion of the interests of our 27 000 members and for the organisations that operate within HYY. These organisations include the music corporations YL Male Voice Choir, Helsinki University Symphony Orchestra, Akademiska Sångföreningen and Akademiska Damkören Lyran, reminds Kyllönen.


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