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HYY monitors changes to Learning Centre Aleksandria's night time opening hours


During the autumn, the Board of the Centre for Facilities and Properties of the University of Helsinki discussed the future of Aleksandria's night time use. Currently, it is possible to use part of Aleksandria's facilities with a personal magnetic key at night and on the weekends outside the opening hours. Night time use in the summer, in particular, has been at a minimum and there have been rather many problem situations at night, which reduce security. According to reports, there has not been much use between 2am-7am, in particular. The discussions have revolved around the opportunity to close the facilities between midnight and 6am. In HYY's view, it is important to take into account the fact that deadlines for many course assignments are at midnight, and therefore the facilities should be open longer than that. The Board decided at its meeting that the night time use of Aleksandria may be partially discontinued, but the exact opening hours were not decided on.

With the help of the student member in the Board, HYY has demanded that a top university, such as the University of Helsinki, should offer the opportunity to study somewhere at night. Due to different life situations (staying with a friend, addition to the family or restless apartment, for example), a student may  have a genuine temporary need for a quiet space to study around the clock. Even if Aleksandria's night time use will be reduced, some facilities must be available for students. It is also particularly important that students are informed clearly and adequately about such facilities and possible changes. The Board also had a positive stand on the opportunity to organise replacing facilities for use around the clock.

In subsequent discussions with the management of the Centre for Facilities and Properties, HYY has heard promising ideas that Aleksandria could possibly be open until 1am instead of the previously discussed midnight. The University is also willing to organise replacing facilities but has just begun to consider the location. In any case, the starting point is that replacing facilities open throughout the night should be available when the night time use of Aleksandria is reduced. However, it looks like Aleksandria will be open around the clock as usual during the autumn. HYY wants to ensure that students have the opportunity to study flexibly, efficiently and safely in all situations of life and study phases.

Further information: Vice Chair of the Board Elina Mattero,