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HYY Moment at Think Corner every Monday


HYY Moment improves your Mondays at once! Come to hear and experience the new winds of student activities guided by the Student Union's active operators. The programme changes weekly. Welcome to participate on Mondays at 4pm–6pm!

28 Oct HYY Moment: Financial discipline – necessary restriction or strangling the underprivileged?

HYY gets a kick-start to the EU's election year in the economic policy debate night!   
What is meant by financial discipline, how about austerity? What are the reasons for the economic crisis, and what are the solutions to overcome it? We will find answers to these and many other questions together with economic experts. The speakers include economic blogger, freelance journalist Antti Ronkainen and Elina Lepomäki from the think tank Libera.

4 Nov HYY Moment: Easily approachable bilingualism!

HYY is celebrating the Swedish speaking week! Unga marthor are visiting and telling the students about how to live in an environmentally friendly manner. The 30 fist to apply for the event trough the link can also do natural cosmetics themselves.

Due to the workshop the message of participation is binding: (Please be in contact Elin Andersson +358505950327 if you have applied but can´t participate). Also Svenska studerandes intresseförening SSI will be there to give out the Swedish speaking studentpaper Studentbladet.

11 Nov HYY Moment: 55 credits – why should I care?

Did you know that if you complete 55 credits per year, it means that you receive more funding to your university and your faculty? The University is, therefore, interested in how to get students to study quickly. HYY has collected information on issues that improve and reduce the likelihood of students completing 55 credits per year. Come to share your own experiences and hear HYY's advice on how the University can contribute to students' study progress.

18 Nov HYY Moment: HYY's complaint moment

What's wrong in the Student Union? HYY Board has organised a consulting moment at Think Corner just for you. Ask all the questions on your mind, give us feedback, or just come and hang out with us. All comments are welcome!

25 Nov HYY Moment: Improvise? Improvise!

In this HYY Moment, you can find your inner improviser and performer, as the Student Theatre organises the improvisation workshop as part of HYY's anniversary week! So come and try out what kind of illustrations you can create for a story!


(The programme is held mostly in Finnish.)