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HYY Moment at Think Corner every Monday


HYY Moment improves your Mondays at once! Come to hear and experience the new winds of student activities guided by the Student Union's active operators. The programme changes weekly. Welcome to participate on Mondays at 4pm–6pm!

September 16th HYY Moment: Justice for students!
Students face legal problems at university and in their everyday lives. How does the Student Union serve its members in these situations? Justice for students night presents legal advice provided by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and activities of Pykälä legal aid committee. The most common problems that students encounter will also be addressed.

September 23rd HYY Moment: Students in support of climate and cycling
HYY's Committee for Environmental Affairs presents Helsinki Climate Forum: Arctic Urgency event organised on 28 Sept. After this, HYY's Committee for Societal Affairs takes over Think Corner at the Academic Bike Festival where interesting speakers discuss cycling in the city. Welcome!

September 30th HYY Moment: Students having influence at the University
In principle, all organs of the University of Helsinki also include student representatives who participate in decision making and bring up the students' viewpoint. In the autumn of 2013, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki will organise the election of student representatives in administration in order to elect  new representatives for the organs. HYY's Committee for Academic Affairs presents how the students have influence in university administration. Welcome!

7 Oct HYY Moment: Human being is for sale also today
As part of HYY's Development Cooperation Week, an important panel discussion on the forms of slavery and human trafficking today is organised at Think Corner. Sonja Vartiala from Finnwatch, Päivi Mattila from the Finnish League for Human Rights, Anniina Jokinen from HEUNI and Anton Hausen from Unicef discuss the means to wipe out human trafficking from the world.

14 Oct HYY Moment: Kindred nation activities in Finland
What are kindred nation activities? In Finland, the Finno-Ugric Day has been celebrated at a small-scale for over a decade. In Estonia and Hungary, the Finno-Ugric Day is a well-established flag day. HYY's Committee for Finno-Ugric Cooperation organises a topical debate and brings attention to the Finno-Ugric programme of the week. During the week, other events are organised by M.A. Castren Society, Finno-Ugric Society, Finnish-Hungarian Society, Tuglas Society and the Friends of the Finno-Ugric Peoples.

21 Oct HYY Moment: On being paperless
Should begging be banned? Does a paperless person have the right for non-emergency medical care? HYY wants to initiate discussion on the current topic. The speakers include Global Clinic, among others.

28 Oct HYY Moment: Financial discipline – necessary restriction or strangling the underprivileged?
HYY gets a kick-start to the EU's election year in the economic policy debate night!   
What is meant by financial discipline, how about austerity? What are the reasons for the economic crisis, and what are the solutions to overcome it? We will find answers to these and many other questions together with economic experts. The speakers include economic blogger, freelance journalist Antti Ronkainen and Elina Lepomäki from the think tank Libera.