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HYY: Health services must be secured to the undocumented


Statement 25 Nov 2013. Free for publication

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki requires that Finland must secure free health services for ”undocumented” persons residing in our country without a residence permit or health insurance.

"This is a solidarity and human rights issue that also affects international university students and researchers from abroad, as some of them terminate their health insurance for financial reasons while still residing in Finland", says Board Member Nelli Nurminen. with the funds received as a

There is no empirical evidence to suggest that providing free health services would attract more undocumented persons to the country. The number of the undocumented is estimated to be so low that the economic impact of securing their health services is very small. In addition, those who reside in our country without health care may be suffering from infectious diseases, and thus pose a threat to public health.

Municipalities are required to provide emergency care in life-threatening situations also for the undocumented. However, the undocumented in Finland do not receive care for serious diseases, such as diabetes or HIV infection, which are treated at non-urgent appointments in Finland.

"Securing health care for the undocumented does not necessarily require a change in legislation: changing the Health Care Act section concerning urgent care to be fairer might be sufficient", says Chairperson of the Board Lauri Koskentausta

HYY celebrates its 145th anniversary on 26 November and supports the operations of Global Clinic in Helsinki with funds received as anniversary gifts.

Helsinki, 25 Nov 2013

Lauri Koskentausta, Chairperson of HYY Board
Katri Korolainen, HYY's Secretary General

Further information:
Nelli Nurminen
HYY Board Member, Health Affairs
+ 358505950318