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HYY Group’s and Ylioppilaslehden kustannus Oy’s boards chosen


The Student Union’s Board held the two companies’ shareholders’ meetings on 9 March, choosing the members of the boards for the 1 April 2017–31 March 2018 term.

Mikko Myllys continues as the Chairman of HYY Group’s Board, while Jaakko Hietala, Tarja Pääkkönen, Reima Rytsölä and Erkka Valkila continue as assessors on the Board. Antti Kähkönen and Aarni Suvitie continue as a student member on the board, while Susanna Jokimies, Pilvi Nummelin and Anna-Maija Riekkinen have been appointed as new student members.

Daniel Sazonov continues as the Chair of the Board at Ylioppilaslehden kustannus Oy. Anssi Mykkänen continues as a Member of the Board and Harri Saukkomaa as a specialist. Noora Eilola, Joni Hauhia and Timo Jääskeläinen were chosen as new student members.

This year, the members of the boards were chosen using an application-based model. In this model, the importance of the applicants’ background in representative council groups was reduced, and more weight was given on their competence.

For more information, please contact Member of the Board Hanna-Maria Häkkilä, tel. 050 595 0327,