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HYY donates textbooks in the honour of the opening of the university's main library


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki participates in Donate a Textbook campaign by donating EUR 1,000 for textbook purchases. With the donation, one textbook will be purchased for each faculty, in addition to which there will be funds left for unallocated book purchases.

In the spring, the university launched Donate a Textbook campaign due to students' requests. The project aims at receiving funds for the additional purchases of the most sought-after course literature. The Student Union's view is that the availability of textbooks is a significant way to facilitate study progress.    

"Next year, the University will be pressured to encourage students to complete at least 55 credits per year due to the funding model. This objective is facilitated by the availability of textbooks. It is rather difficult to participate in exams if you are not able to borrow a textbook", says Heikki Luoto, Vice Chair of HYY Board.

With the donation, the Student Union would also like to encourage other communities to participate in the acquisition project of textbooks. That is why HYY challenges the University's staff organisations, alumni and professors to participate in Donate a Textbook campaign. Individual professors and alumni may also participate by donating course literature written by them.

Further information: Vice Chair of the Board Heikki Luoto, 050 595 0328 (in Finnish)