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HYY does not approve of the demonstration held in front of the student houses by the Rajat kiinni! (‘close the borders’) movement.


The police have granted the organisers of the demonstration permission to assemble between the student houses until 6 pm on Friday 15 September. Until then, the police cannot and does not intend to intervene with the demonstration, unless there is a threat of violence, for instance.

The Student Union is a multicultural community that opposes racism and does not accept any kind of discrimination. Our values include humanity and responsibility, and we promote these values both at the University, in the Student Union and in society in general.

We will continue to be in contact with the police, and we have made it clear to them that we do not approve of their decision to allow the demonstration to occur on the plaza.

We cannot tolerate that an organised movement that attacks asylum seekers uses space owned by students for activities that cause fear and insecurity, especially in racialised people. Everyone must be able to enter the Student Union’s premises without having to be afraid.

The academic year has just begun, and many international students who have only recently arrived in Finland are using the Student Union’s premises. Their first contact with their new home city and the University cannot be an extremist movement that has repeatedly acted in a violent, racist and threatening manner.

HYY reserves the plaza between the student houses for its own activities from Saturday 16 September onwards, so that it can ensure it remains a safe space for all HYY’s students.