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HYY to continue development cooperation in Indonesia


HYY has received continuation funding from the development cooperation funds of the non-governmental organisations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland for the Indonesia project for the years 2013-2015. HYY's partner in the new sustainable livelihoods project of farmers in Sulawesi is Payo-Payo, an organisation of young farmers and students, which promotes sustainable agriculture. The project is a continuation for the project implemented by HYY and Payo-Payo in the years 2009-2011.

The new project aims to influence agricultural policy in Sulawesi, to provide farmers with better farming methods, new further processing methods and teach farmers to operate communally. Target groups are smallholders and landless farmers in three villages in South and West Sulawesi. The aim of the project is to achieve adequately self-sufficient villages in terms of the use of natural resources and livelihoods, which provide inhabitants with sustainable businesses. The intention is that farmers will learn to appreciate the know-how in their villages and the harmonious relations of the villagers are supported by maintaining common traditions.

The project operates with farmer groups in three villages in the island of Sulawesi. The project activities take into account the specific characteristics of each village: The village of Tombobulu focuses on further processing, the promotion of organic farming methods is continued in Bonne-Bonne, and the project is searching for ways to increase household incomes in Soga. At the regional level, the project focuses on agricultural policy advocacy and more extensive education. A better agriculture and village policy supports the principles promoted by the project and the practical work in the villages.

85 % of the project funds are allocated by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the excess share of 15 % is covered by HYY's 0.7 % budget.
In HYY, the development cooperation coordinator and the project group with the help of the Committee for Development Cooperation are responsible for the project.

Further information:
Ilona Kalliola
Development Cooperation Coordinator
Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY)
+358 50 543 8450