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HYY celebrates the University of Helsinki metro station on 20 Jan 2015 – limited edition of overall badges available


The name of the Kaisaniemi metro station will be changed to University of Helsinki on Tuesday, 20 January. The name change has also been HYY's long-term goal! The Student Union will celebrate the event by organising a campaign on the upper level of the metro station at 9am–12noon.

In the campaign, we will offer students a limited edition of overall badges designed specifically for the celebration. Therefore, come to the University of Helsinki metro station on 20 Jan and wear overalls: the first one thousand students dressed up in overalls will get the badge!

During the morning, you also have the possibility to influence urban transport. We will collect a large map of suggestions, wishes and ideas from students and passers-by on the development of public transport in Helsinki. The proposals will be taken forward to the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL).

The Open University also participates in the celebration and provides information on how each citizen can enjoy the offerings of the University. The Helsinki City Transport (HKL) provides additional goodies in the form of sweets and reflectors. 

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