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HYY Board Awards Granted for Actors in 2011


The HYY Board awarded active Student Union members and partners in the Representative Council meeting on 16 Dec. The Board awarded the following persons:

Active Member of the Year: Daniel Landau
Daniel participated in the round of calls in the Representative Council elections and has been active in many other matters on his own initiative. The Board appreciates this kind of initiative immensely!

Committee Member of the Year: Ilona Kalliola
Ilona has worked for a long time in the Committee for Development Cooperation as the chair and project coordinator, among other things. She has been a driving force in the committee activities.  

Representative Council Member of the Year:
Atmosphere Creator of the Year: Jenni Sepponen
Jenni's openness and warm attitude towards active HYY members, regardless of the group borders, has created a good atmosphere in the Representative Council. In addition, Jenni has been an active Representative Council member in every way.  

Discussion Initiator of the Year: Tuomas Tuure
Tuomas has brought colour into the Representative Council with his memorable presentations. The Board also admires his active work in accessibility issues.
Exemplary Representative Council Member of the Year: Olli Jokinen

As the chair of the largest opposition group, Olli has actively learned about various matters, and if necessary, criticised the Board in a constructive spirit, which the Board greatly appreciates.

Constructive Actor of the Year: Ahmed Abdirisak
Abu has carried out his work as the chair of the preparatory committee very well in a good and constructive spirit, which is important for the effective work of the entire Representative Council.

Partners of the Year:
University priests Leena Huovinen and Laura Mäntylä
The cooperation began already in previous years and has continued to be excellent this year. Students' well-being is the matter of heart for the university priests. It has been inspiring and easy to cooperate with them.  

Veikko and Lahja Hursti's Charitable Association   
The cooperation in the bread distribution campaign in the spring was excellent and the visit to Hursti organisation was an educational experience. The HYY Board is impressed by the fine work that Heikki Hursti does for the underprivileged members of society.

Honorable Mention in Organisational Activities: Network for the chairpersons in faculty organisations(tdk-pj)
The meetings of the chairpersons in faculty organisations have been particularly successful this year. The HYY Board has been grateful for this excellent forum where information has been provided by all parties.