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HYY awarded several honours in its 148th Anniversary on 26 November 2016


The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) has in its festive meeting awarded several honours for work benefiting the Student Union. The honours are awarded at HYY's 148th Anniversary at the Old Student House in the evening of 26 November.

The Student Union's badge of honour in the wide blue ribbon is annually awarded to a person or persons who have significantly promoted the Student Union's aspirations or to whom the Student Union wishes to pay homage.

This year, the badge of honour in the wide blue ribbon is awarded to Director, Doctor of Education Kirsti Lonka for notable and meritorious work as a proponent of participatory learning and to FSHS’ Managing Director Katariina Poskiparta for notable and meritorious work for students’ healthcare.

In accordance with Section 4 of the Student Union's badge regulation, the Student Union standard may be granted to a community that has promoted the Student Union's aspirations.

The Student Union's standard is awarded to the Finnish League for Human Rights for valuable work promoting and monitoring basic and human rights and to Humanisticum for valuable work for humanism and humanists.

The badge of honour in a narrow blue ribbon for notable and meritorious activities benefiting the Student Union is awarded to Master of Education Anu Aarnio, Master of Science, Master of Science in Technology and Master of Social Sciences Risto Karinkanta, Shift Supervisor Tiina Käyhkö, Master of Science Elina Mattero-Meronen, Communications and Marketing Coordinator Petri Minni, Customer Service Person Pirjo Mäkinen, Pantry Chef Jonna Laiho, Bachelor of Education Marina Lampinen, Cashier–waitress Heidi Lottonen, Bachelor of Education Iiris Niinikoski, Bachelor of Science Vesa Piilola, HR Coordinator Olli Rossi and Master of Arts Anna Ylitalo.

The Good Teacher – Magister Bonus prize is awarded to University Instructor Arto Hellas from Computer Science. Criteria for the prize were student-friendliness, expertise, active attitude towards development and giving and receiving constructive feedback. In addition to these criteria, special consideration when awarding the 2016 prize was given on how the candidates encourage students to lifelong learning, self-development and developing their own skills. Hellas was nominated for the prize with two separate proposals, one of which was signed by a group consisting of students, lecturers, directors and administrative personnel.

The Best International Teacher prize was awarded to Lecturer in Chinese Language Haixia Wang. She teaches Chinese as a native speaker and takes cultural differences well into account in teaching situations. She utilises a wide variety of different methods and digital applications in her teaching as well as creates her own material. She also actively asks for feedback from students, reacts well to it and develops her teaching based on feedback as well as gives students lots of constructive feedback on their assignments. Her teaching highlights multicultural teaching methods by taking students’ different backgrounds into account, respecting cultural differences and supporting students coming from different cultures. Her courses often involve discussions on the different backgrounds of students.