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HYY awarded distinguished organisations


In the seminar for the chairpersons on Monday, HYY granted awards for organisations which have particularly distinguished themselves during the year. The awards were granted to the makers of the best organisation magazine, the best event concept and the best overall badge. In addition, the bilingualism award and the award for the best international organisation were granted.

The best organisation magazine: Tutkain – honorable mention to Skidi

Tutkain was awarded as the best organisation magazine of the year 2012. The magazine is published by Kannunvalajat, the faculty organisation of the students in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Tutkain was praised for the fact that it is so well attached to the everyday life of the faculty students, but also provides interesting articles for other readers. The paper's policy was considered clear and the content regarded as diverse.

In addition, honorable mention was granted to Skidi paper of EBE, the subject organisation of kindergarten teacher students.

The best event concept: Matlu's faculty sauna – honorable mention to the art cluster of Humanisticum

Matlu's faculty sauna was awarded as the best event concept, as it was considered a major event which gathers together the staff and students and helps in interest representation. The honorable mention was awarded to the art cluster of Humanisticum, which opened organisational facilities for gallery use.

The best overall badge: Foni

Foni's colourful and insightful badge was awarded as the best overall badge of the year.

Bilingualism award: Saga

The Committee for Bilingual Affairs granted the bilingual award to the subject organisation Saga of the students of the Nordic languages, Nordic literature and Swedish translation. According to the committee, Saga has a positive attitude towards bilingualism, the organisation has made bilingualism visible and it has both used and encouraged others to use both domestic languages. The committee praised Saga for its wide-ranging and thorough bilingual activities  – bilingual thinking is pervasive in all activities.

The best international organisation: AIESEC HY

AIESEC HY was awarded as the best international organisation. It was praised for the fact that both the Finnish and international students can become involved and become members of the organisation. In addition, AISEC HY actively works to help its international members to integrate into Finland.