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HYY appointed the Board for the year 2016


The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) has been appointed for the year 2016. The Representative Council of the Student Union appointed B.A. of Education Susanna Jokimies as Chair of the Board. HYY Board 2016 will be formed by the Representative Council group of Subject Organisations (HYAL), Edistykselliset, HELP, Opiskelijoiden sosialidemokraattinen yhdistys OSY, the Representative Council group of Student Nations and Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar SNÄf. The Independent Left, HYY Greens and Tsemppi will be in the opposition.

The Board’s term is one year and it will begin in January 2016. New Chair of the Board Susanna Jokimies of HYAL has been the HYY Board Member in charge of new students and tutoring, international affairs and volunteers in 2015.

– In order for the student union to be a significant community for its members, it must be familiar with the members and their operating environment. Significance is not created high up but stems from the members' activities and their opportunities to have influence. Next year HYY will try out new forms of participation and ways to share power and influence with our members, describes Jokimies the Board’s aim.

HYY Board of 2016:
Susanna Jokimies (Chair; HYAL), Crista Hämäläinen (Vice Chair; HELP), Aapeli Piesala (Chair of the Financial Committee; Student Nations), Tarik Ahsanullah (Edistykselliset), Noora Eilola (Student Nations), Timo Jääskeläinen (HYAL), Maria Loima (OSY), Laura Luoto (HYAL), Rasmus Olander (SNÄf), Antti Pollari (Student Nations), Henna Pursiainen (HYAL) and Santeri Velin (HYAL).

Further information:
Susanna Jokimies, HYY Chair of the Board 2016
tel. +358 50 543 9611