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HYY appointed the Board for the year of 2014, Chairperson is Anna-Maija Riekkinen


The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) was appointed for the year of 2014. The Representative Council of the Student Union appointed Student of Education Anna-Maija Riekkinen as the Chairperson of the Board in its meeting on 3 December 2013. HYY Board for the year of 2014 will be formed by Independent Left, HYY Greens, the Representative Council group of Subject Organisations (HYAL) and the Representative Council group of Student Nations. HELP, Oikea suunta, SNÄf and OSY will be in the opposition.

Other Board members are Mats Ittonen, Mari Kyllönen, Iiris Niinikoski, Aarni Suvitie and Esa Tiusanen from HYAL, Matleena Kosonen, Sanni Laiho and Teemu Palkki  from the Student Nations, Toivo Laitinen and Johanna Riitakorpi from the Greens and Jaakko Rissanen from the Independent Left.