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HYY appointed the Board for the year of 2013, Chairperson is Lauri Koskentausta


The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) was appointed for the year of 2013. The Representative Council of the Student Union appointed Student of Law Lauri Koskentausta as the Chairperson of the Board in its meeting on 3 December 2012. Koskentausta represents the delegation group HELP (the groups of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and law students as well as Tsemppi Group of international students)

Other members of the Board are: Elin Andersson (SNÄf), Verna Castrén (The Greens), Lauramaija Hurme (Student Nations), Elina Mattero (Student Nations), Nelli Nurminen (HELP), Tiina Parkkinen (Independent Left), Anna-Maija Riekkinen (Independent Left), Marko Rosenholm, (The Greens), Pirre Seppänen (Oikea suunta), Elisa Tuomi (HELP) and Elina Tyynelä (Student Nations).