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HYY appointed the Board for the year of 2012, Chairperson is Jannica Aalto


Press release, 2 Dec 2010
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The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) was appointed for the year of 2012. The Representative Council of the Student Union appointed Student of Geography Jannica Aalto (24) as the Chairperson of the Board in its meeting on 1 December 2010.

Jannica Aalto represents the subject organisations in the University of Helsinki (HYAL) During this year, she acted in the HYY Board, being in charge of the Organisations and Tutoring.

Next year, the municipal elections will take place and the Student Union will also set its own goals for the elections.

Ten other members were also appointed to the HYY Board. They are: Hanna Hannus, Iiro Hämäläinen, Aino Jones, Lauri Koskentausta, Matti Lehto, Heikki Luoto, Suvi Pulkkinen, Sanna Supponen, Niilo Toivonen and Heidi Vesterinen.

The term of office of the new Board begins in January and lasts for a calendar year.

Further information:
HYY's Secretary General Katariina Styrman,, tel. 0400 816 426
Jannica Aalto,, tel. 050 543 9615