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HYY’s Development Cooperation Committee looking for two new communications officers!


The Development Cooperation Committee, operating under HYY, is responsible for the administration and realisation of the Student Union’s development cooperation and related projects. Its duties also include keeping up discussion on development cooperation in the Student Union, organising events related to, for instance, global education and publishing the Kimppu magazine. The Committee meets every two weeks and currently has around 30 active members.

HYY’s Development Cooperation Committee is looking for two [PJ1] new communications officers for 2019. The duties of the communications officers include maintaining the committee’s website, Facebook page and Instagram account, managing the email list and compiling and managing the monthly newsletter. The communications officers are responsible for the information in the different communication channels being up to date. The communications officers cooperate with the other committee members to conduct their duties. The division of labour between the communications officers will be separately agreed on with the new communications officers. The position requires the ability to operate in Finnish and possibly in English when needed.

Who is the position suitable for?

The position of the communications officer is suitable for anyone who enjoys writing and is interested in development cooperation and creating content. You can apply your own skills and creativity in the position both visually and verbally. The communications officer’s position is not particularly labour-intensive, but the communications officers should regularly participate in the Development Cooperation Committee’s meetings and events.

What do you get from the position?

As a communications officer, you will get to use your writing and IT skills as well as to develop as a content producer, for instance. You will learn useful working life and communication skills and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the activities of both HYY and the Development Cooperation Committee as well as of development cooperation in general. This year, the communications officers will get to participate especially in reforming and brainstorming our social media channels due to HYY’s new visual look. Acting as a communications officer is fun, creative and useful!

You can start in the position either immediately or when the autumn term begins, according to your own wishes. Starting in the position immediately would allow you to work side by side with the current communications officer and thus learn about the committee’s activities and the position at a gentle pace. In this case, fully independent work will only start in the autumn.

If you became interested or want further information, please contact:
Emma Koponen
Chair of the Development Cooperation Committee in 2019 

You can also attach a short introduction of yourself and why you are interested in the position of a communications officer.

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