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HYY’s candidate Titta Hiltunen selected into SYL’s Board


Titta Hiltunen, the candidate of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) has been selected as a member of the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2019.

Hiltunen, a student of political history, has been in charge of issues related to subsistence, advocacy work on county and parliamentary elections and urban and housing advocacy work in HYY’s Board.

‘A major objective for the student movement next year is to get students included in the comprehensive reform of social security. Students are people like anyone else, and social security that cover basic needs in life is their right just as it is everyone else’s’, Hiltunen states.

A total of seven candidates ran for a place on SYL’s Board, while four candidates ran for the chair’s position. HYY’s other candidates were Topias Tolonen for SYL’s Board and Krista Laitila for the chair’s position.

SYL’s Congress was held in Otaniemi on 16–17 October 2018. SYL looks after students’ interest on the national level, taking a stand on issues related to educational and social policy as well as international affairs.

Besides the Board, the Congress decided on next year’s action plan and SYL’s new policy paper. Sanni Lehtinen (Tamy) was selected as SYL’s chair. Besides Hiltunen, the persons selected to the Board were Heidi Rättyä (JYY), Helmi Andersson (ÅAS), Kim Kujala (VYY), Roope Tukia (Tamy) and Suvi Vendelin (AYY).

HYY congratulates the newly elected Board!