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HYY’s Board has decided its areas of responsibility


The Board of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki has been brought to order in a meeting 12 January. The Board has decided on the distribution of work and the respective responsibilities of each individual Board member. The new Board will begin to put HYY’s Programme of Objectives 2015 into action. The three main objectives for the year are the parliamentary election in the spring, the university’s 375-year anniversary and the enhancement of volunteer work within the Student Union.

The responsibilities and contact information of the Board members:

Mari Kyllönen: Chair of the Board
tel. 050 543 9610
Pilvi Nummelin: Vice Chair of the Board, coordination of advocacy, HYY Group affairs, health
tel. 050 5950328
Otso Heiskanen: Chair of the Financial Committee, kindred nations
tel. 050 595 0324
Alviina Alametsä: urban affairs, equality, students with families
tel. 050 595 0318
Miran Hamidulla: organisations and communications for organisations, environment
tel. 050 543 9615
Susanna Jokimies: new students and tutoring, international affairs, volunteers
tel. 050 546 9611
Ella Keski-Panula: housing, subsistence
tel. 050 325 9175
Minna Mäkitalo: working life affairs, development coordination
tel. 050 595 0329
Mimmi Piikkilä: communications, the parliamentary election
tel. 050 595 0327
Hanna Piitulainen: education policy, cooperation with Finnish Students Sports Federation OLL
tel. 050 576 5073
Pasi Pykälistö: culture, the university’s 375-year anniversary, bilingualism
tel. 050 325 8041
Vihtori Suominen: education policy
tel. 050 543 9612

E-mails: firstname.surname[at]

Further information:
Mari Kyllönen, Chair of the Board
tel. 050 543 9610