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HYY’s Board for 2019 has been selected


The Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki appointed the new Board for 2019 in its meeting on 3 December. The Board is formed by all Representative Council Groups within the Representative Council: the Representative Council group of Subject Organisations HYAL, the Representative Council Group of Student Nations, the Independent Left, Helsinki University Greens, Edistykselliset, Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar SNÄf and the Representative Council Group HELP.

Student of Social Sciences Laura Wathén was selected as the Chair of the Board. She represents the Representative Council group of Subject Organisations HYAL. Wathén has acted in HYY’s Board in 2018 as the director for volunteers, equality within the University and the society and health and sports. 

‘The year 2018 revolved around HYY’s 150th Anniversary, and thus it is fitting to make the upcoming year 2019 the year of developing HYY. In addition to HYY’s internal operations, next year we will advocate so much that the students’ affairs are in the minds of all Parliamental Election candidates, written down in the upcoming Government’s action plan and included in the new strategy of the University of Helsinki. For me HYY is brave, caring and impactful advocate for students within the University and the society. My dream student union is an equal community that every student wants to belong into’, tells the new chairperson, Wathén.

HYY’s Board in 2019: Laura Wathén, Chair (HYAL), Kukka Louhimies (Greens), Linda-Liisa Kelokari (Nations), Claes Bergh (SNÄf), Samuli de Pascale (HYAL), Marika Tuominen (HYAL), Paula Karhunen (Greens), Anna Lemström (Idpt. Left), Aleksi Rytkönen (Idpt. Left), Riikka Hakala (HELP), Ilona Raimas (HELP), Miika Keski-Luoma (Edistykselliset).

The term of the new Board lasts one year and begins in January 2019.

From left to right Riikka Hakala, Miika Keski-Luoma, Samuli de Pascale, Claes Bergh and Anna Lemström. In the middle Paula Karhunen, Kukka Louhimies, Linda-Liisa Kelokari and Laura Wathén. In front Marika Tuominen and Aleksi Rytkönen. Ilona Raimas is missing. 

Further information:
Laura Wathén, Chair of the HYY Board 2019
p. 050 409 1383