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HYY’s Board for 2018 has been selected


The Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki appointed the new Board for 2018 in its meeting on 4 December. The Board is formed by the Representative Council group of Subject Organisations HYAL, the Social Democratic Students’ Association OSY, the Representative Council group of Student Nations, the Independent Left and HYY’s Greens. Edistykselliset, Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar SNÄf and HELP will be in the opposition in 2018.

Student of Law Lauri Linna was selected as the Chair of the Board. He represents the Representative Council group of the Independent Left. Linna has acted in HYY’s Board in 2017 as the Chair of the Financial Committee and been in charge of legal protection, organisations’ equality and Finno-Ugric cooperation.

‘The Student Union’s 150th Anniversary is a great opportunity to do big things. We have the opportunity to make the Student Union even more well-known, more accessible and closer to its members than before. We can turn the Student Union into a community which everyone can feel is theirs regardless of their own background and which has the power to fight for a more just world’, the new chairperson, Linna, states.

HYY’s Board in 2018:
Lauri Linna, chairperson (Independent Left), Krista Laitila, vice chairperson (HYAL), Sara Järvinen, Chair of the Financial Committee (HYAL), Amanda Pasanen (Greens), Aleksanteri Gustafsson (OSY), Titta Hiltunen (Independent Left), Jane Kärnä (HYAL), Mathilda Timmer (HYAL), Topias Tolonen (Student Nations), Laura Wathén (HYAL), Julius Uusinarkaus (Independent Left), Sebastian Österman (Greens).

The term of the new Board lasts one year and begins in January 2018.

From left to right Laura Wathén, Jane Kärnä, Topias Tolonen, Julius Uusinarkaus, Aleksanteri Gustafsson and Mathilda Timmer. In the top row Krista Laitila, Sebastian Österman, Sara Järvinen and Laura Linna. Titta Hiltunen and Amanda Pasanen are missing. 

Further information:
Lauri Linna, Chair of HYY’s Board in 2018
tel. 050 595 0324