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HYY’s Ada Saarinen and Joel Lindqvist selected into SYL’s Board


Ada Saarinen and Joel Lindqvist, the candidates of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY), have been selected into the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2018. Saarinen and Lindqvist are both students of social sciences.

‘The student movement must create clear objectives for the 2019 parliamentary elections, and to this end I want to offer SYL my skills and perspective on students’ socioeconomic status and particularly subsistence and the importance of education’, Saarinen, 24, states. Saarinen is a student of world politics and the vice chair of HYY’s Board. In HYY’s Board, she has been in charge of advocacy work coordination, communications and subsistence. 

‘During next year, I want to be involved in working for equality to be realised better than at present. This includes issues such as free education and individual-based housing allowance. To me, the student movement is a pioneer that can see societal changes one step further than others’, Lindqvist, 23, comments. This year, Lindqvist, a student of social policy, has been in charge of urban affairs and housing in HYY’s Board.

A total of eight candidates ran for a place on SYL’s Board, while three persons ran for the chairperson’s position. Miika Tiainen (TYY) was selected as SYL’s chairperson. Besides Saarinen and Lindqvist, the persons selected to the Board were Petra Laiti (SHS), Petteri Heliste (AYY), Teemu Vasama (JYY) and Jenny Vaara (OYY).

SYL’s Congress was held in Tampere on 17–18 November. SYL looks after students’ interests on the national level, taking a stand on issues related to educational policy, social policy and international affairs.

HYY offers the newly elected Board the warmest of congratulations!

Teemu Vasama, Petteri Heliste, Joel Lindqvist, Miika Tiainen, Ada Saarinen, Jenny Vaara and Petra Laiti. Photo: Tarik Ahsanullah/ SYL