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Howard Sklar got the award for Best International Teacher


Howrad Sklar from the department of Modern Languages, received the prize for the Best International Teacher of the Year 2013 at yesterday's International Evening.  The Student Union of the University of Helsinki gives out the award of Best International Teacher of the Year annually. The criteria includes student-friendliness, expertise and ability to highlight essential issues, positive attitude towards developing teaching methods, and giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Sklar received the following kind of praise:

- He easily grabbed our attention and channeled our theoretical discussions to practical and enjoyable in-class assignments
- He is very friendly, understanding, helpful and attentive. The first thing he did in our class of around 40 people was to ask each of us our names and to try to memorise them
- Especially the direct in-class feedback session shows his instant willingness to confront with our feedbacks.