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How to receive income in the summer?


The information below concerning income in the summer only applies to persons covered by the Finnish social security system.

If you study in the summer, you can apply for student financial aid for the summer months. A study plan for the summer must include at least 5 credits per each month when you receive financial aid. It is advisable to apply for student financial aid well in advance!
Further information on Kela site:

If you are not entitled to student financial aid, you have not found work and do not have enough savings to live on, you can apply for social assistance at the social services office of your municipality. You can also apply for social assistance to complement low wages or to help you until the payday or the payment of student financial aid.
Further information is available from the social services of your municipality. In Helsinki:

During the summer, a student is not entitled to the labour market subsidy or the earnings-related unemployment allowance, with the exception of a situation where you have completed your studies but your degree certificate is delayed for reasons beyond your control. In this case, please contact the TE Office.
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