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Have you received a request on information on your study progress?


The students who receive student financial aid from the Finnish state, but have not made enough progress in their studies compared to the aid they have received, will receive a request for information on their studies in October. if you receive a request, amke sure to answer it!

If you are in higher education you must complete at least 5 credits on average for each month of financial aid and at least 20 credits per each academic year.

If you have not earned at least 5 credits per each month of financial aid in the preceding academic year, you may still be able to get financial aid if you have earned at least 5 credits per month during your entire course of study.

Provide a reply to the financial aid committee on the form accompanying the letter requesting information or submit a separate explanation. Describe how your personal situation has impacted your studies.

Acceptable reasons for slower study progress include an illness of your own or of your close family member, otherwise difficult circumstances, or completing a particularly large study module (such as a thesis). Another reason which may be accepted is if you stop your studies because of the birth of a child or the performance of compulsory military service, alternative civilian service or women's voluntary armed service. If possible, enclose an official document (for example a doctor's note) about the reason affecting your study progress.

If you do not reply or the reasons you provide are not accepted, your financial aid can be discontinued or made payable for a specified period of time only. You may also be required to pay back financial aid, if it is discovered that your study progress has been particularly slow and if it is evident that you never intended to study at all.

Kom också ihåg när du planerar dina studier för det nuvarande läsåret att du måste få 5 studiepoäng per stödmånad och 20 studiepoängper läsår om du lyfter studiestöd!

For more information please see the Kela website.