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Hannele Kirveskoski appointed as HYY’s specialist


HYY’s Board has selected Hannele Kirveskoski as their specialist in charge of subsistence and international affairs.

Kirveskoski moved into the position from O’Diako, the Student Union of Diaconia UAS, where she was in charge of tutoring, internationality and social policy. Kirveskoski started in her duties at HYY in late October. As a specialist, Kirveskoski is in charge of issues related to subsistence and internationality, such as monitoring current affairs concerning student financial aid and subsistence, related advocacy work and informing the membership about related changes. In addition to this, her duties include monitoring the internationalisation of the University of Helsinki and issues related to international mobility.

Kirveskoski also acts as one of HYY’s harassment contact persons for students. You can contact the harassment contact person in confidence if you have encountered or witnessed harassment, bullying or inappropriate treatment in studies or organisational activities, for instance. You can get in touch with the contact person for advice or support to sort out the situation or simply to discuss the issue.

‘My start at HYY has been action-packed, as students’ housing benefits have been in tumult this autumn, and statutory tuition fees have been taken into use for students from outside the EU and the EEA. HYY is known for its competent and bold advocacy work and humane values, and I want to be promoting all this for my part’, Kirveskoski states.

Kirveskoski, 28, has graduated as Master of Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki. Kirveskoski’s position is a temporary one, lasting until 30 September 2018.