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Grants for innovative learning projects up for grabs!


HYY allocates grants for new study projects organized by students. The projects can, for example, develop study methods, apply theory to practice or advance students' professional competence.  The grant cannot be allocated retroactively.

You can fill the application form here:


In previous years, grants for innovative learning practices have been given to, for example, a soap manufacturing workshop run by nutritional science students, to a saddle course by students of veterinary medicine, to workshop activity in an international environmental seminar and to an art exhibition study group.


The total amount of the allocated grant is 5000 € (approx. 100–900 € per project). When allocating the grant, the initiative and learning methods that encourage students to be active are taken into account. HYY can also showcase the projects that receive the grant in their communications. The person in charge of the project must be committed to report about the implementation of the project after its completion.


The grant is not allocated for the following purposes:


•    Travel or catering expenses
•    Facility expenses, with the exception of specially equipped facilities, which cannot be received free of charge
•    Printing of publications (unless the application gives grounds to decide otherwise)
•    Master's thesis projects
•    Such basic education, which is primarily the responsibility of the department


Please check the information before submitting the form! Information cannot be edited after sending, so you should consider the required information before completing the form. You can draft your application with a word processing programme and then copy it into the form. The last day to apply is Sunday April 5.


For further information, please contact HYY board member Hanna Piitulainen, tel. 050 576 5073,