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Good Teacher – Magister Bonus prize to University Lecturer Matti Luukkainen


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki has decided to grant the Good Teacher – Magister Bonus prize 2011 to University Lecturer Matti Luukkainen.

When awarding the prize, we considered, among other things, the teacher's positive attitude towards students, the development of well-being and communality, and the desire to develop teaching methods and oneself as a teacher. In addition, we consider a good teacher to be professional, enthusiastic and willing to guide the students into the science community. A good teacher knows how to collect feedback and utilise it. A good teacher is able to give constructive feedback to students and encourage them to have open dialogue.

In the grounds for awarding the prize, Luukkainen was praised for his active and innovative manner to develop teaching as well as creating and introducing versatile teaching methods. Luukkainen's special merit was the fact that he has been successful in making the first-year students enthusiastic about their studies. Luukkainen's activities are a good example of how investing in teaching and guidance at the beginning of studies can help students to find their own place in the academic and scientific community. In addition, the jury considered that when mentoring new teachers, Luukkainen has spread positive pedagogic attitude and student-minded thinking, and thus has promoted and spread successful practices to a wider audience.

The prize will be presented to Luukkainen in HYY’s 143rd anniversary on Saturday, 26 November 2011. The prize is awarded for the fifteenth time.

In Helsinki, 26 November 2011
The Student Union of The University of Helsinki

Leena Pihlajamäki, Chairperson of the Board
Katariina Styrman, Secretary General

Further Information:
Aaro Häkkinen, HYY Board Member, 050 325 9175,