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FSHS survives and expands to cover students of universities of applied sciences in 2021


The parliament passed an act on higher education students’ student healthcare today on the 1st of March. This ends the uncertainty on whether the FSHS is preserved in the future as well as gives direction to the development of the next few years. The new act means that students of universities of applied sciences will also be entitled to use the FSHS’s services from 1 January 2021 onwards.

Currently, HYY collects the FSHS’s healthcare fee in connection with collecting its own membership fee. Starting at the beginning of 2021, Kela will take over the collection of the healthcare fee, separately for the autumn and spring terms (for an estimated total of 77 euros per year). All appointment fees are removed, which means that you can, for instance, visit the dentist without a separate fee. The new act means that dermatologists and gynaecologists, for instance, will no longer be among the services offered by the FSHS. However, public health nurses and general practitioners specially trained in the basics of sexual health will serve students well in the future. HYY is especially satisfied to find that psychiatrists’ services will be preserved.

As a whole, HYY is satisfied that the FSHS will be preserved and can develop its services in peace. Now that the structures have been clarified, it is time to develop the contents. Mental health services, for instance, require improvements, and the role of psychotherapy among the FSHS’s services requires clarification.

HYY will communicate about practical changes in more detail when we are closer to the act coming into force.

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