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Frank, the new student service is here! Lyyra's web service is shutting down!


Frank is a student-owned student service, which promises to offer you only the best at the best price possible. Frank is also the site from where you can order your student card.  You can access Frank’s deals either by showing your current student card or online by registering to Frank’s website. In order to utilize the deals offered by Frank, you must be a member of your student union.
The student card is your means to prove that you're a student in Finland. With the card, you can access all national student deals, e.g. on trains and buses. In addition, you will gain access to all of Frank's national and global deals, which you can find on this site. You have the right to the student card by being a member of your student union.

If you already have a Lyyra card, don’t worry, you do not need to get another card! You can access all of the deals with your old card, too. Lyyra's services will end at the end of September. Lyyra's housing service will serve at its old location until the end of September.

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