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A fire in the Alina hall in the New Student House last night 5–6 Nov


There has been a fire in the Alina hall in the New Student House last night. The fire was extinguished at the scene, and the fire brigade checked the location and structures of the hall making sure that the fire had not spread. No one was physically harmed in the event.

The police was notified immediately, and the fire is now being investigated as a suspected arson. The fire was lit in one of the lavatory stalls in the Alina hall.

The fire was lit in the Alina hall during a joint sittning party of the subject organisations of Social and Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies. The organisers acted with remarkable responsibility: put out the fire, called off the party immediately and evacuated the hall with the security company and contacted the fire brigade and the police immediately.

For the time being, only the police will comment matters regarding the suspected crime. The Student Union and the two subject organisations urge anyone who might know something about the events or maybe have witnessed something out of the ordinary to contact the police: The general switch of the Helsinki Police Department tel. 0295 470 011 (ma–pe 8–16.15), or the confidential tip phone 0295 417 934 (8.00am–16.15pm), 0295 417 931 (all hours).