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FAQ Tuition Fees


The University of Helsinki is preparing for the mandatory introduction of tuition fees for non-EU/EEA nationals in international master’s degree programmes. Fees will be charged starting from August 1st, 2017. Read more about the introduction of tuition fees here.

The university is currently in the process renewing its entire curriculum in the Big Wheel education reform, including international master's degree programmes, as well as creating systems for marketing, scholarships, &c tied to the introduction of tuition fees. Thus a lot of questions on practical matters of international degree programmes and tuition fees are still under discussion. 

HYY, however, has gathered some answers to questions asked by students on this page. Get in touch if you have an additional question or would like to know more!

I’m an non-EU/EEA national currently studying at UH, will I have to pay for my degree?
Tuition fees will be charged from the academic year 2017-2018 onwards, so if you are currently enrolled at UH, you will not have to pay for your degree.
If you haven’t finished your degree by autumn 2017 when the fees will be introduced, you will still not have to pay. Tuition fees will only be charged from those students who start their studies after August 1st, 2017.

What does it mean that the fees will range from 10 to 25 000 euros?
An international master’s degree programme at the University of Helsinki will cost between 10 to 25 thousand euros per year for international students from outside EU/EEA.
The cost of the programme will not depend on how many courses you take or what minors you choose. Rather, each individual international master’s degree programme will have its own price tag attached. This means that a programme in one faculty might cost 15 000 euros a year, e.g., while another programme in another faculty will cost for instance 17 000 euros a year. The actual prices of individual degree programmes are still under discussion, and decisions can be expected to be made by summer. Factors that influence the price include the nature of the programme, employability, &c.

Will PhD students also have to pay?
Doctoral education is not in the fee system, so doctoral students will not have to pay for tuition.

I speak Finnish/Swedish, but am from outside EU/EEA, do I have to pay?
As the fees will be charged from international non EU/EEA students attending international master's degree programmes taught in English, you will most likely not pay if you are attending a Finnish or Swedish-language programme. As the legislation is very recent, guidelines on the national level are still being discussed.

What kind of international programmes will there be?
As the university is renewing its whole degree system in the Big Wheel / Iso pyörä education reform, some current international degree programmes might have their content revised, while others may remain as they are now. Still some might cease to take in new students, but new programmes will also be created. Check with your programme coordinator if you are unsure about what will happen to your programme, but rest assured: if you have been accepted to a certain programme, you will be able to complete the programme as planned.
You can read more about the Big Wheel education reform on Flamma.

Can I study at an international master’s degree programme if I’m from EU/EEA, or Finnish?
Finnish and EU nationals are encouraged to apply for international master’s degree programmes, as the aim of the programmes is to create a truly international learning  environment.
Tuition  fees will not be charged from Finnish or EU/EEA nationals even if the programme is an international master’s degree programme charging tuition from non-EU/EEA nationals.

Will there be scholarships available to fee-paying students?
A scholarship system is under construction, but it is one of the conditions given in the new legislation, so an important part of the introduction of tuition fees. The scholarship will most likely be some kind of a waiver so a student receiving a scholarship will not have to pay the entire tuition fee, or a part of it.

The university also has a website on the education reform and tuition fees. Both this page and the university website will be updated and new information added as soon as more is known.

For more information, or if you have any other questions you’d like answered on this page please contact Aino Jones, HYY specialist for international students, at or 050 543 9608